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90 day Vegan Challenge 32034

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More thoughts on Veganism

So…hi again…just some thoughts about what it means to be vegan.  I was talking to several of our guests this week and what I find interesting, is that people from all walks of life embrace the idea of eating a “plant-based diet”.  People do it for moral reasons, health reasons, monetary reasons, environmental reasons, religious reasons, by choice, by doctor’s orders.  I am sure there are some other reasons that we did not explore in our conversation none the less my guests put me to a challenge.  They challenged me to try a complete plant based diet for 90 days. “It doesn’t sound that terrifying, I think I can do it.”, was my first response.  Of course in the back of my head that little voice was…well…screaming “WHAT?” But alas, I am now committed to this new lifestyle….for 90 days…starting on May 18. So now I am planning ….my last supper…so to speak. I also made a commitment to blog every day about my challenges and triumphs.  If I can figure out how to do some kind of video blog, I will, but …warning… I am a tech dumb***, so that won’t be pretty.  Figure I am biting off way more than I can chew, Ha.         

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