Vegan Sushi…what?

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vegan sushi fresh made jack and dianes cafe amelia island What does it mean to be Vegan?

Vegan is a specialty diet that is centered around plant-based products. Being vegan means eating absolutely NO animal products, no meat, no milk, no eggs, no cheese. Very strict vegans don’t even eat honey because it is produced by bees. That being said… what do vegans eat? Actually, a vegan diet is so rich and plentiful in flavors, colors, textures and seasoning you really don’t miss much at all – so I am told.

I follow a mostly plant-based diet but I LOVE CHEESE and HONEY, and sometimes together! Most vegans will tell you the hardest thing, and often the last, they give up is cheese. At Jack and Diane’s Cafe on Amelia Island, we enjoy cooking vegan and the challenge of making a delicious meal for our many vegan patrons. We are constantly creating new vegan dishes… we love it!

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