What is Gluten-Free

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gluten-free-restaurant-amelia-islandGluten-free is what?

To understand Gluten-free, we must first understand what “gluten” is. Gluten is a protein produced by wheat. Seems harmless enough, after all, most of us eat wheat or wheat based products and have done so for most of our lives.

If, however, you are someone without the metabolic ability to digest gluten, eating it can cause you to get very ill. Because wheat is so prevalent in our diet we often eat it without noticing. Wheat and/or flour can be found in anything from crackers, cookies, bread, soy sauce, to many dressings, sauces and marinades. Because gluten intolerance is such a serious condition, at Jack & Diane’s we take great measures to label our menu items clearly for those who cannot eat it.

Because we are chefs, we enjoy the challenge of making great tasting, gluten-free options for our clients. Nearly every menu item we have can be easily adapted to be gluten-free. While we are not a complete gluten-free facility, please just let us know if you are gluten intolerant so we can whip you up some great tasting gluten-free fare!